The areawide ATM Project

Since 1994 the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) funded area-wide integrated pest management projects focusing specifically on invasive species. Area-wide integrated pest management (AW-IPM) programs reflect the realization that pest movement requires a large-scale (area-wide) approach that needs to be balanced by the need to minimize the development of insecticide resistance as well as preserve local ecosystems and human health, the core drivers of IPM. Owing to the scale on which they have to be implemented, successful AW-IPM projects have been developed with extensive input from farmers, citizens or pest control professionals. Successful area-wide programs have benefited from experience and ideas generated by the customer-stakeholder base.

The Areawide Management of the Asian tiger mosquito (2008-2013) was the first AW program focused on a disease vector.

PI at USDA-ARS: Gary Clark
PI at Rutgers: Dina M. Fonseca
PI at Brandeis: Donald Shepard

Rutgers co-PIs: Randy Gaugler
George Hamilton
John Worobey
MADs: Ary Farajollahi (Mercer)
Sean Healy (Monmouth)
Greg Williams (Hudson)

Associate Researchers on the Project:
Kristen Bartlett-Healy (Education)
Sebastien Marcombe (Insecticide Resist)
Jiawu Xu (Population Genetics)
Isik Unlu (Surveillance&Control)
Taryn Crepeau (Surveillance&Control)

Oversight Committee:
Daniel Strickman (USDA-ARS)
Daniel Kline (USDA-CMAVE)
Dawn Wesson (U. Tulane)
Roger Nasci (CDC)
George O'Meara (U. Florida, FMEL)
Emily Zielinski-Gutierrez (CDC)

Industry Partners:
Valent BioSciences; Clarke Mosquito Control; Cognis; Agrisense; Wellmark Int.; MGK; Curtis DynaFog; Buffalo Turbine

FL Mosquito Control sub-contractors:
James McNelly (Volusia)
Rudy de Xue (Anastasia)

Collaborators and critics at Large:
Douglas Burkett (US Navy)
Graham White (U. Florida)
Jack Peterson (Rutgers U.)
Warren Staudinger
Dominick Ninnivaggi
Mike Hutchinson
Ilia Rochlin
and other members of Mosquito Control Programs in NJ, NY, PA, VA, LA, CA, FL

banner logo Center for Vector Biology Monmouth County Mosquito Extermination Commission Mercer County Mosquito Control Brandeis University - Schneider Institutes for Health Policy USDA-Agricultural Reearch Service - Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology Objective

Develop area-wide cost-effective control strategies to reduce populations of Aedes albopictus to NO-nuisance. These are guidelines for local, state, or federal mosquito control programs (professionals) to manage a


Strategic Plan guiding the Area-wide ATM project click for Surveillance, Education, Control and Economics

Top 10 Lessons Learned

10. Public education CAN work.

9. “Nuisance” Aedes albopictus CAN impact Public Health.

8. The public is WILLING TO PAY for effective control of mosquitoes.

7. Night-time adulticiding and low-volume area-wide larviciding both can impact adult populations. Consider TANDEM applications.

6. Insecticide resistance is PRESENT. Its important to check regularly.

5. Timing is CRITICAL. Use the degree-day model to guide control.

4. Quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) is CRITICAL.

3. Aedes albopictus populations adapt to interventions. Survey often.

2. Aedes albopictus has a small flight range but disperses widely with people. Survey locally, act AREAWIDE.

1. TEAM works. Contact us (click names on left bar) and we'll help.

Oversight Commitee Meeting: 5-7 January 20112011 Oversight Commitee Meeting Graham White Dan Strickman Randy Gaugler Greg Williams Gary Clark Isik Unlu Emily Zelinsky-Gutierrez Dina Fonseca Sean Healy Donald Shepard Jane Taryn Crepeau Ary Farajollahi Scott Crans Kristen Bartlett-Healy Roger Nasci Dawn Wesson Daniel Kline George O'Meara Oversight Commitee Meeting: 3-5 January 20122012 Oversight Commitee Meeting Sebastien Marcombe Rafael Valentin Karl Malamud-Roam Who is this guy? Jack Peterson Dominick Ninivaggi

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This research was funded by Cooperative Agreement USDAARS-58-6615-8-105 between USDA-ARS and Rutgers University and Cooperative Agreement USDAARS-58-6615-8-106 between USDA-ARS and Brandeis University.

Dan Strickman
Graham White
Randy Gaugler
Greg Williams
Gary Clark
Isik Unlu
Emily Zielenski-Gutierrez
Dina Fonseca
Sean Healy
Donald Shepard
Jane Rosenfeld
Taryn Crepeau
Ary Farajollahi
Scott Crans
Kristen Bartlett-Healy
Roger Nasci
Dawn Wesson
Daniel Kline
George O'Meara
Sebastien Marcombe
Rafael Valentin
Karl Malamud-Roam
Douglas Burkett
Jack Petersen
Dominick Ninivaggi