The Area-wide studies were developed in multiple locations within two central NJ counties, Mercer and Monmouth. A first study ascertained that socio-economic conditions were similar among all locations in both counties and so were the populations of the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus. For Publications and SOPs specifically related to ATM Surveillance see below.

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Publications about Surveillance

Larval Surveillance

Unlu et al. 2013Unlu I, Farajollahi A, Strickman D, Fonseca DM (2013) Crouching tiger, hidden trouble: urban sources of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) refractory to source-reduction. PLoS One. 8(10): e77999.

Bartlett-Healy K, Unlu I, Obenaeur P, Hughes, Healy S, Crepeau T, Farajollahi A, Kesavaraju B, Fonseca DM, Schoeler, Gaugler R, and Strickman D. 2012. Larval habitat utilization and community dynamics of Aedes albopictus and Aedes japonicus japonicus (Diptera: Culicidae) in urban, suburban, and rural areas of northeastern USA. Journal of Medical Entomology. 49:813-24.

Bartlett-Healy K, Healy S, Hamilton GC. 2011. A model to predict evaporation rates in containers used by container inhabiting mosquitoes. Journal of Medical Entomology. 48(3): 712-6.

Adult Surveillance

Crepeau TN, Unlu I, Healy, SP, Farajollahi A, Fonseca DM. 2013. Experiences with the large scale operation of the BioGens Sentinel Trap. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 29(2):177–180.

Crepeau TN, Healy, SP, Bartlett-Healy K, Unlu I, Farajollahi A, Fonseca DM. 2013. Effects of BioGens Sentinel trap field placement on capture rates of Aedes albopictus, the Asian tiger mosquito. PLoS One. 8(3): e60524.

Unlu I, Farajollahi A. 2012. To catch a tiger in a concrete jungle: operational challenges for trapping Aedes albopictus in an urban environment. Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association. 28(4): 334-337.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Aedes albopictus BG-Sentinel trapping recommendations
Ovitrap surveillance (link to AMCA2012)
Rapid assay for ATM blood meals

ATM_heaven BGS_trap CES

Adult populations of ATM in NJ


Insecticide Resistance

DownloadMarcombe S, Farajollahi A, Healy S, Clark G, Fonseca DM. 2014. Insecticide resistance status of US Aedes albopictus and mechanisms involved. PLoS One 9(7): e101992. – link to a poster presented at the ASTMH 2012 meetings in Augusta, GA