Introducing new technologies to control mosquitoes requires information regarding their effectiveness, a comparison of their efficacy to other technologies, and their impact on the environment, in addition to other factors. However, when resources are limited, policy makers, as well as program managers, need to understand the cost of this technology to allocate resources or seek additional funding.

This tool is intended to help mosquito control program managers conduct basic cost analyses for different applications recommended by the Area-Wide Pest Management Program for the Asian Tiger Mosquito, Aedes albopictus, in New Jersey. The preliminary results can be used to plan control strategies, decide on the number of applications to conduct, or to prioritize the intervention areas.

This tool will assist in estimating the additional cost associated with the implementation of recommended applications. The focus of this tool will be limited to the operational costs of the recommended strategies; it does not include any administrative or planning cost associated with the implementation of the recommended applications or protocols.

The results using this application will show the overall cost of adopting a recommended application or protocol. However, the tables you need to fill will focus on either the cost of one application (for personnel and equipment) or the materials needed to implement the protocol within one acre. For more information, please review instructions before conducting your costing.


DISCLOSURE: The developers believe that all the calculations and formulas used in this tool are accurate. However, we recommend that you do some calculations manually to ensure the accuracy of the tool and correct units for input data. Before using this tool please carefully read the instructions and go over the illustrative example to optimize your use of this tool. In the personnel sheet, PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT THE ANNUAL BASE WORKING DAYS SHOULD NOT BE LESS THAN 1 IN ALL CASES FOR THE PROGRAM TO RUN. We worked hard to address the possible challenges that you might face when it comes to costing the personnel, materials, and equipment used to control Aedes albopictus, but we might have not covered your work environment condition, if this is the case please contact us at or