Although many people had clearly labeled roles in the project (please refer to the list of PIs, co-PIs, collaborators and partners) this project could not have been developed without the help of many Rutgers staff, students, postdocs, and NJ county mosquito control personnel and we would like to acknowledge their contribution. Some are also authors in publications from this project.

So here goes: we appreciate the assistance of Jane McGivern (now Rosenfeld), Nicole Reyes, Anthony Herold, Masooma Muzaffar, Tyler Pigott, Russell Reali, Anna Corichi, Ryan Rader, Alana Boswell, Geoffrey Kimmel, Kainat Abidi, Laran Kaplan, Ashley DeNegre, Kyle Cole, Mark Baker, Bill Walsh, Ed Englis, Brendan Harrison, Josh Divinagracia, Kyle Gaugler, Nidhi Singh, Heather Evans, Alexandra Villiard, Emilie Cameron, Mark P. Nelder, Banugopan Kesaveraju, John Cambridge, Tom Konar, Tom Pike, Cael Sutherland, Amy Wilmott, Rebekah Heiry, George Condon, Rafael Valentin, Laran Kaplan, Andrea Egizi, Dana Price, Rhiannon Andre-Tucker, Shalom Fialkoff, Carrie Ferwerda, ScottĀ  Crans, Kristina Carle, and the IMCOMPARABLE Linda McCuiston.